Thursday, November 06, 2008

Statistically Speaking: Pittsburgh | by Pat

It Came From the Game Notes

• After going 1 for 7 to start the season, Brandon Walker has converted 7 of his last 8 field goal attempts.

• In regulation over the last two games, Notre Dame’s first-team defense has registered nine three-and-outs in 20 defensive possessions.

• All but five of Notre Dame’s touchdowns this year have been scored by freshmen or sophomores (23 of 28). Senior WR David Grimes has two touchdowns and junior HB James Aldridge has the other three TDs.

• Freshman WR Michael Floyd ranks first in Notre Dame history in receptions and touchdown receptions by a freshman in a season. He sits only 57 yards shy of the single-season receiving yards record by a freshman too.

Battle for First Down

Something happened against Pittsburgh that might not happen again for a very long time. The ND Win Rate against the pass was 100%. Here's how is unfolded.


1-10 P30 #19 to #2 2
1-10 N20 #12 to #25 -
1-10 N25 #19 to #30 -
1-10 P23 #19 to #8 INT
1-10 P47 #12 to #82 -
1-10 N32 #19 to #82 -
1-10 N49 #19 to #82 -
1-10 P25 #19 to #82 -
1-10 P12 #19 to #83 1
1-10 P43 #19 to # SACK
That's pretty impressive. 10 pass attempts for 3 yards, one sack, and one interception.

The Win Rate against the run was a more pedestrian 48%, the 6th lowest win rate of the season against the run. Overall, ND's 1st Down Win Rate was 65%, the second best number of the year.

For season long numbers follow the link.

Gimme M.O.E.

For only the second time in the past two seasons, ND had a lower M.O.E. than the opponent and lost the game. (the other game was Purdue last season)

ND played nearly mistake free football with a 7% M.O.E., the second lowest total of the season. The number of additional plays thanks to four overtimes certainly helped to lower the percentage, but ND didn't fumble, throw an interception, or drop a pass. However, five offensive penalties certainly a lot considering there have only been 22 total on the season.

Pitt, led mainly by three interceptions, hit 14% on the M.O.E. scale. They doubled ND in terms of mistakes per play. Combined with the strong 1st Down Win Rate numbers, it's easy to see why this loss was so maddening for ND fans.

Here is the season to date table.

Season Long Running Totals

Of all the stats, the most disappointing is the red zone TD efficiency for the offense. On the other hand, Clausen is getting sacked less frequently than Quinn did in 2006. And this holds true even if you adjust for the different number of pass plays the two attempted.

Get all the numbers here. What numbers catch your eye?