Thursday, November 06, 2008

QB Browns Alert Level Update | by Brian

GREEN (Starting, but Unproven)

The city of Cleveland holds its collective breath, and the women of Cleveland feel a Chris Matthews-like "thrill going up their legs", as fan-favorite QB Browns makes his much-ballyhooed first start tonight against the Denver Broncos, in front of a television audience of dozens on the little-seen NFL Network.

As a reminder, "QB Browns" is the nickname we bestowed upon Brady Quinn last year in a nod to Tecmo Super Bowl. As another reminder (seeing as how this hasn't been updated in over a year), here are the color-coded QB Browns Alert Levels:
BROWN: Taking the Browns to the Super Bowl
ORANGE: The Toast of Cleveland
YELLOW: Bench Pressing Steely McBeam
GREEN: Starting, but Unproven
BLACK: Backup
PURPLE: Pummeled by the Ravens Defense
Updates as events warrant.

(Also, keep an eye on Quinn's former teammate and current starter at right tackle for Denver.)