Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Signal to Noise | by Jay

I'm sure, like us, your inbox is swirling with all kinds of speculation about the fate of Charlie and the future of N.D. football. At this point we've got no evidence to add to the mix (other than hearsay and conjecture...which are kinds of evidence). But here's a lesson for you in how much salt to shovel when you're weighing the veracity of various reports:

CNBC: "’s believed that it would cost north of $15 million buy out Weis."

ESPN: "A person with knowledge of Weis' contract told ESPN's Joe Schad on Wednesday that the amount Notre Dame would have to pay Weis is greater than $4 million to $5 million...The source told Schad that the buyout, which is specified in the contract, is "stupefying."

Chicago Tribune: "The common perception of Weis' buyout is not accurate. Multiple sources have told the Tribune the buyout, far smaller than believed, will not affect whether Notre Dame decides to fire Weis after Saturday's game at USC. One prominent alumnus called the amount 'loose change.'"

$4 million? $15? "Loose change"? Who the hell knows. These guys certainly don't.

Have a good turkey day, and Go Irish.