Thursday, September 04, 2008

What To Do | by Pat

Every year there are questions from fans about the schedule of various events around campus on a typical Notre Dame home game weekend. With that in mind, we saved off a truly excellent post by ndnation poster IrishTrpt07 detailing the basic timetable for the events surrounding ND Football. Either bookmark the link or this post for future reference.

There is one normally scheduled event that won't be happening this year though. The annual Dillon Hall pep rally is a tried and true tradition, taking place on the lawn of South Quad the Thursday before every first game of the season. Except this year. The reasons for the cancellation are being kept somewhat vague, but it sounds like something ran afoul of the ND administration.

The truly excellent ND blog, Section 29, Row 48, Seat 10, offered up their thoughts on the sudden cancellation and as recent grads and residents of Dillon, I'm going to link their take on the matter and suggest you go read it. Hopefully this is just a one year aberration for one ND Football tradition that shouldn't go by the wayside. As the official pep rally becomes more commercialized, sanitized, and geared towards ND tourists than the team or student body, the Dillon Pep Rally embodies the less-than-polished, less-than-politically correct, less-than-sober example of what a good pep rally should be.