Monday, September 29, 2008

Purdue Photo Galleries | by Pat

Pictures of the Purdue game are up. Check out, the South Bend Tribune,, and Irish Eyes,

I was tempted to pick this shot of Armando Allen leaving Purdue defenders in his wake as the picture of the game. After all, that is about when ND finally started to get the ground game working. However, this week I'm going to go the picture with Kyle McCarthy's diving, touchdown-saving, tackle of Desmond Tardy. Had Tardy scored, Purdue would have taken a 14 point lead and who knows how ND would have responded. As it was, the Fighting Irish red zone defense held the Boilermakers to a field goal try, one that they promptly missed.

After that it was all ND for the most part. That McCarthy tackle just might have been a significant turning point this season and for that deserves special recognition.