Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Bang the Drum Slowly | by Jay

Coach Tiller: I got a...I a got a couple of things I need to talk about...

Boilermaker Pete: Yeah?

JT: Yeah...I guess me and your grandma...I mean, Brock Spack...I guess we're going away.

BP: (sniffles) Where to?

JT: Well, that's not important. What's important is when we get where we're going, we won't be sick, we won't get any older...and we won't ever die.

BP: You're going to Penn State?

JT: (softly)

BP: Will I be able to visit you and grandma?

JT: No...and we wouldn't be able to visit you either...and that kinda bothers me.

BP: I'd never see you again? (crying) When are you going?

JT: Soon, my boy...soon. And you know where? Well you wouldn't believe it if I told ya... (Looks skyward) I wonder if they'll have fishin' holes there. Well there's some things they won't have...they won't have Golden Girls and they won't have train whistles...and they won't have big head mascots like you, my boy...and I...

BP: What, pops?

JT: I'm gonna miss 'em.

They hug, an awkward hug...tears roll down Pete's big plastic cheeks...and he sobs...

JT: (Wipes his eyes) Okay, now. Cast it out there...