Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Pass de deux | by Jay

As promised, here's all the second half passes versus Boston College. Clausen throws the first one for an interception, and then it's Sharpley for the rest of the game.

Any observations based on the Clausen passes (a couple of posts below) and Sharpley's set?

Pat: my overall take is this
Pat: clausen is more accurate
Jay: yeah
Pat: he's also more cautious
Pat: and is quick to avoid the negative play
Pat: Sharpley pushes a bit at times
Pat: that means a chance for a big play or big screwup
Jay: I concur
Jay: he's high risk, high reward - like finding Schwapp and Carlson on scrambles, but nearly throwing a couple a picks
Jay: while clausen is low risk, average reward - made a few nice passes, didn't take any sacks, but didn't do anything tremendous, either
Jay: the stats may show they performed about the same, but sharpley "feels" like he did more
Pat: and the team and home crowd will react to that.
Jay: yep


Jay: f*ck it. we're 1-6 and playing USC. you have to try something