Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Meanwhile, Back at the Convent | by Jay

My wife took a writer's retreat hosted at a convent in LaGrange over the weekend. Meals were with the sisters, who probably average around 75 years old. Her report:

Some of those sisters are huge sports fans. I first discovered this on Sunday morning when I couldn't find the Sports section of any of the newspapers in the front hall. Overheard around the dinner table...

"I see you are wearing a Notre Dame shirt. That's a good school. Good theology there. Too bad about the football this year."

"Oh, I was so ashamed when they lost those first four games. Notre Dame should NEVER lose to Purdue! What do you think?"

first sister, "I'm just glad they won this week. Too bad the Cubs couldn't pull it off this year. It all goes back to the first game. They should have left Zambrano in the game. He was doing just fine. That set the tone for the series, I think."

"But I have a question. Are you worried about Coach Charlie's health? He is a big man."

another sister "I miss that quarterback from last year."

first sister "Brady Quinn?"

"Yeah, I miss him."

"I've got a question for you. You watch those games? The coach looks bored sometimes, doesn't he?"

another sister "Who?"

first sister "The COACH, Charlie Weis. I want him to yell and jump around. He looks bored sometimes, that's what I think. You think he'll last?"

another sister "Oh, he's a good coach, but we have to give him time. We have to have FAITH."