Friday, October 19, 2007

"He looks a little dizzy from here...." | by Pat

In case you haven't noticed, ND video historian extraordinaire T.J. has been posting up a storm over on the BGS Screening Room. From the very first Notre Dame - Southern Cal game in 1926, to video of Irish legend Motts Tonelli running wild in 1937, up to a rarely seen look at the 1965 matchup in South Bend, there is a treasure trove of historical footage to keep you entertained today. And if you're looking for something a bit more recent, RocketShark has a great recap of the late 80's/early 90's matchups between the Irish and the Trojans.

One of the best videos though is one from the 1959 upset of #7 Southern Cal in Joe Kuharich's first year as Notre Dame head coach. Aside from the game action and video of the students tearing down the goalposts after the win, check out the wild action when a drunk Irish fan decided to bob and weave his way around the field during the game to the delight of the fans, cops, and Moose Krause himself.

TJ chimes in:

Hilarious clip, and I discovered it by accident! To be honest, I have such a huge collection of things that I don't always sit and watch every single game I have all the way through. I've probably had this '59 USC game for close to two years and I never reached the end of the game until watching it late one night about two weeks ago. It took me completely my surprise. And I couldn't believe in a 1-hour condensed game replay that they devoted so much time to a drunk running around the field! Gotta love the early days of television...