Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Taylor's Tidbits | by Pat

Former ND All-American Aaron Taylor has decided to jump into the blogging craze and has put together an excellent site called "Legends of South Bend". The site is set up to raise money for various charitable companies. So far, it features the writing of Taylor and video interviews with former players like Rick Mirer and Rocket Ismail. Taylor's insights into the offensive line performance against Georgia Tech is pretty interesting. Check it out.

The latest entry is a great bit where Taylor recalls his toughest practice at Notre Dame under the tutelage of legendary OL coach Joe Moore. Here's an excerpt:

Joe was Old School. Like Jurassic, old.

Lindsay Knapp, our left tackle, was up first. Coach Moore had instructed one of the scout team defensive linemen to line up on Lindsay’s outside shoulder. He then instructed another defensive lineman to line up on his inside shoulder as well, and yet a third player to stand behind the first two. After each snap, the third player was instructed to kick Lindsay in his head, but only after the two defenders dove straight into the ground. It was then that we all got nervous, and I don’t think that my mouth had ever gotten that dry that quickly. We knew we were in for it. And we were.

Lindsay must have attempted to drive block not one, not two, but all three defenders at least thirty times in a row before he was allowed a break. “See, that’s the problem…you’re not bringing your knees!”, he barked, emphasizing the very staple of his famous run blocking technique. Being physically impossible to move that many people, Lindsay quickly became fatigued, and started dry heaving. Think that had any affect? No. We all chuckled at first and quietly felt sorry for Lindsay, but were secretly happy it wasn’t us. Surely, we thought, this cannot go on any longer. But it did. “Ready, BREAK!” “Ready, BREAK!” Those infamous words that Coach Moore effortlessly used to start each rep began to sound like a personal mantra of vengeance, frustration, and determination. This went on, over and over and over again. Until it was my turn.
Did Taylor survive coach Moore's "batting practice?" You'll have to read the rest of the story...

Taylor's site is off to a great start. Keep a bookmark handy.