Thursday, September 27, 2007

Swapping sides | by Pat

We first noticed it while watching the online practice videos earlier this week and now it's been picked up on Irish Insights as well.

Freshman Andrew Nuss has moved from the defensive line -- where the Virginian started the season -- to the offensive line.
You can see briefly see Nuss, #76, working with the OL in this practice video. If you recall back to when Nuss committed, he was initially considered an offensive line prospect with the ability to play on the defensive line if needed. He was needed on the D-line, so that's where he started. Now, however, he's back to the offensive line where he will give the Irish a bit more depth. Whether that's at guard or tackle, we're not sure yet.

In other OL swap news, freshman Taylor Dever is now listed as the backup left tackle behind Sam Young and freshman Matt Romine is now listed as the backup right tackle behind Paul Duncan. It's probably nothing and they were just flipped on the official depth chart when Sam and Paul flipped, but it's something to look for if ND starts subbing in new linemen again. Then again, against Michigan State it was backup left guard Eric Olsen who came in for a series at right tackle rather than either of the freshmen. With the musical chairs on the OL, it looks like the staff is still casting about for a consistent two-deep. At least plenty of guys are getting some battle experience.