Monday, July 09, 2007

Where the Huskies Go | by Jay

Is this nothing more than yellow snow? We report, you decide.

Despite Zach's protestations to the contrary (see previous entry: "I don't know who's going to start"), David Frazer (Zach's dad) talked to Dennis Dodd about the Irish QB iditarod:

"From what we know Sharpley is going to be the guy," David Frazer told me from his office in Harrisburg, Pa. "Jones will be put in for a few trick plays. Clausen won't play this year."

Wow. That lends credence to an unsubstantiated blog that surfaced earlier this summer. It stated that Clausen had surgery on his throwing elbow. No one has confirmed the surgery or Clausen's playing status.

But that would make sense. If Clausen is still healing from surgery it would be wise to sit him out.

"The way Charlie described it, he doesn't think he has the passing game this year," David Frazer said. "He wants somebody to throw it five yards (downfield). They're going to run it more.
The editorializing above is Dodd, and he gets the key points wrong (as Dodd is wont to do). He mentions the story on Clausen's elbow from an "unsubstantiated blog" (the story was immediately substantiated by ESPN), and claims nobody has confirmed Clausen's status (in fact, ND's Brian Hardin confirmed Clausen would be ready for practice on August 6th).

Leaving Doddy aside, the quotes from D. Frazer are interesting. The Sharpley-starting scenario is probably the one least-considered by the Irish grapevine; if Clausen wasn't ready for Georgia Tech, the conventional wisdom was coaslescing around DJ (especially with the Charlie-talks-spread-option-with Rich-Rod stuff). But we shouldn't forget Evan. By Charlie's own account, he had the best grasp on the offense coming out of the spring game, and I wouldn't be surprised to see him in there under center against the Yellow Jackets.