Friday, July 06, 2007

Husky-bound | by Pat

Zach Frazer has officially transfered and UConn is the destination.

"Zach certainly has aspirations to play on the next level," Frazer's father, Dave, said. "And that made UConn a good fit. So did a lot of other things. (Coach) Randy Edsall is from Pennsylvania and he takes care of Pennsylvania kids. And the academics are real good, and that factored in greatly too. Anybody who's playing college football, they're stupid if they're not thinking about life after football."
Frazer is the first player to leave from the current sophomore class after finishing up the spring game as the #4 QB. He's the first player recruited solely by Coach Weis to transfer, but the split has been largely amicable.
"The perspective he brings is just incredible," Frazer said. "I'm going to miss that. And I'm going to miss the people, some great friendships I think that will last forever, at least I hope I do. But in the end, Notre Dame wasn't me."
His departure opens up another scholarship for this year's recruiting class. With 17 players already publicly committed, ND can take anywhere from 19 to 25 players, depending on how many 5th year eligible players are asked back. For a more in-depth look at the recruiting numbers break-down, make sure to check out Lou Somogyi's article on

And for anyone wondering if he has any insight into who will be the starter at ND, he's claims he's just as in the dark as everyone else.
"I tell everyone the same thing, I don't know who's going to start at Notre Dame this fall. It could be Demetrius Jones, Jimmy Clausen or Evan Sharpley," he said. "To be honest with you, I was shocked when I wasn't named a finalist. But I got over that and accepted that. I really don't know what direction they're going. I'm going to be watching and rooting hard for all of them. But when it happens and they finally do name one guy, I'm going to probably be as surprised as anybody else."