Tuesday, July 10, 2007

The New Numbers are Here! | by Pat

You can tell it's the off-season when the release of the freshman player's numbers causes us to run around like Navin R. Johnson with the newest edition of the phone book.

Here's the rundown of the players and their numbers:

14 - Brandon Walker
18 - Duval Kamara
23 - Golden Tate
30 - Harrison Smith
33 - Robert Hughes
47 - Aaron Nagel
50 - Steve Paskorz
56 - Kerry Neal
58 - Brian Smith
70 - Matt Romine
75 - Taylor Dever
76 - Andrew Nuss
83 - Mike Ragone
91 - Emeka Nwankwo
95 - Ian Williams
(It's tempting to note that Nuss got an OL number while Nwankwo got a DL number, and infer that the Nuss-to-DL experiment is over before it even got started. While that might be true, it might also be the fact that 76 was his high school number.)

Usually this is where we'd let you know what former Irish player once wore that same jersey number. This time, you get to tell us. Here's a collage of players wearing the numbers now assigned to the latest crop of rookies.

So, who's who?