Saturday, April 21, 2007

Get your fix | by Pat

Time for some offseason football. The most anticipated spring game in quite a long time is almost here, and the weather appears to be cooperating. The bad news is that many Irish fans, like yours truly, won't be anywhere near South Bend for kickoff at 1:35 this afternoon. For my fellow unlucky brethern, here's a rundown of some viable options for following the game.

• It appears that the radio station WZOW will in fact be carrying a broadcast of the game. Here's the link to tune in and rock out, err... I mean, listen to some football. Another radio option is the student run station WVFI.

• Journalist Michael Rothstein of The Journal Gazette will be live blogging the game with constant updates. Rothstein has been doing a great job covering the team this spring on his blog; check it out if you can't get near a radio.

• Also check out your favorite ND message board, where certainly some members with fancy phones will drop in to give their thoughts during and after the game. If the board has traditionally strong chat room usage, like over on Irish Eyes, that's also something worth checking out.

• Finally, if there's any other way that we missed, feel free to add it in the comments and we'll update this list. And if you're heading out to the game, dont' forget to take those pictures and videos (if possible) for BGS. Oh, and make sure to have fun. It should be a great weekend.