Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Blue-Gold Bonanza | by Pat

(With the dramatic increase of online information about Notre Dame football, we here at BGS took to the task of updating our multimedia capabilities in the form of the newly constructed Jerome Green Memorial BGS Media Lab *. There are of course some bugs in the system -- we blew one of our internet tubes during a trial run -- but the lab passed its big first test this weekend with flying colors. Now we can easily present all of the relevant media links -- video, photo, or otherwise -- from the recent Blue-Gold weekend. Enjoy.)

Your first stop this morning should be the Lou Holtz video feature on ESPN. It's vintage Holtz: cajoling the refs, explaining why he never threw to the tight end, and offering both lectures and lessons in being a winner to the players. It's fantastic.

The next must-see is the highlight video of the scrimmage found on UND.com. You can also find some individual plays popping up on youtube, although most of them are covered in greater resolution on the und.com clip. The interviews of Coach Weis and Lou and Ara are up and great to watch. If you don't have the time, here are the transcripts of both Charlie and the two Irish coaching legends. Charlie's presser is a good read, as always, as he discusses the plans for deciding the QB depth chart and why he's looking to emphasize a power running attack with the ND offense next season.

Photo-wise, the South Bend Tribune has a very nice photo gallery. The AP wire has a string of photos from the weekend while Irish Eyes and Irish Illustrated also have some great galleries for members only. The BGS photo gallery is almost done, but I'm going to wait another day or so to let more people get their shots in. We already have some fantastic action shots, but if you want to send in your pics of the weekend festivities, feel free.

Getting into the print stories, the official stat sheet and game play-by-play is up on UND.com, but really there isn't too much to glean from the numbers. The SBT has stories on Clausen, Lou, Ara, offensive MVP Junior Jabbie, and defensive MVP David Bruton, while the Observer covers the only real big news from the game, John Sullivan's ankle injury.

That should just about cover most of the major news items from this weekend. If there is anything else you think we missed, feel free to leave a link in the comments.

*Jerome Green is the Notre Dame professor who in 1899 constructed a tower outside of the Basilica and transmitted a signal down the road to Saint Mary's. That transmission was the very first wireless transmission sent in North America. The message read, "I need a date for the Sorin SYR. Any takers?"