Thursday, April 12, 2007

First Time Caller | by Jay

Overheard on a recent Mike Frank Power Hour podcast...

Caller: This is Lowell from New York, I'm a first-time caller.

Mike Frank: Good to have you on the show, what's up?

Lowell from NY: A couple of different questions for you. Number one, I read on one of these sites, you know, one of these free sites, that Notre Dame has got a Division-III school on their schedule?

MF: Is it Division-III or Division-II?

Lowell: It was Mount Union or something like that. I read it over twice and I wasn't sure if I was missing something...I'm not even sure if it was true. I'll send you the link. Anyway it kind of segues into my next question. What do you think of some of these free online sites like Blue-Gray Sky and and know a lot of these guys?

MF: Yeah, I do. I know 'em all. I have a friendship with all of 'em. The NDNation guys are good friends of mine. Frank & Kyle from UHND are good friends as well. BGS, I know those guys very well. They're just media sources out there doing a good job.

Lowell: You know sometimes I read certain things here or there and I wonder who's writing it on the other end. Sometimes I wonder if the person writing knows anything about what they're talking about. You read some things and take them as gospel, then you read something that just doesn't make a whole lot of sense, and you wonder who the source is.

No reason to post this other than I thought it was hilarious. For the record, Lowell, the only time BGS ever breaks news is if the date is 4/1...