Monday, January 08, 2007

Upon Arriving Home from the Big Easy | by Jay

I opened up the Trib and found these letters to the editor:

Notre Dame's bowl game losing streak is completely unsurprising. Ever since Lou Holtz retired, they've gone to better bowl games than they deserve strictly because of who they are. This favoritism is written into the current BCS agreement. The predictable result: nine straight bowl losses, seven by double digits.
Congratulations to the Tribune for mesmerizing/brainwashing staff reporter Avani Patel into thinking season-long overrated Notre Dame could compete with legitimate football programs this year (see Ms. Patel's prediction of Notre Dame 20, LSU 17 in the Sugar Bowl).

However, despite nine consecutive bowl losses for the always "highly touted" Irish, there will be little argument in most Midwest cities when the Golden Domers receive a No. 2 ranking again next season.
Some more thoughts on the Sugar Bowl (and the season) coming up.