Friday, January 19, 2007

Corwin Quotables | by Pat

The press conference to introduce new defensive coordinator Corwin Brown and new QB coach Ron Powlus is going on now. In the meantime, Notre Dame finally made it official that both Brown and Powlus have been hired. Follow the link to read about Brown's past and recent history with the Jets.

At the end of the press release are some pretty impressive quotes from the Parcells-Belichick coaching tree about Brown.

What they're saying about Corwin Brown:
"I knew Corwin wanted to be a coach six months after I met him his rookie year in 1993. I know he will be successful."
-Dallas Cowboys head coach Bill Parcells

"Corwin Brown has proven himself as a key component in our defensive system over the last decade, first as a player and now as a bright young coach. I respect Corwin for his team oriented attitude and his ability to relate so well to everyone he interacts with. Corwin will be an outstanding addition to Charlie's staff and the Notre Dame football program."
-New England Patriots head coach Bill Belichick

"I coached Corwin in the 1993 Senior Bowl, with the Patriots and Jets, and he was on my staff at Virginia for three years. His core has always been the same - passionate about football, hard working and dependable, tough minded, a great teammate and committed to winning. He's a member of the Tribe and will bring all those qualities to Notre Dame"
-University of Virginia head football coach Al Groh

"Corwin Brown was a fundamentally sound football player and is a fundamentally sound football coach. He brings energy, enthusiasm and expertise to his position and will be able to relate to his players. He will work hard and provide a plan for continued success at Notre Dame."
-Cleveland Browns head coach Romeo Crennel

"This is a well-earned opportunity for Corwin. Since his days as a player, you sensed Corwin would excel as a coach. We appreciate Corwin's contributions to the New York Jets and wish him the best in his new position."
-New York Jets head coach Eric Mangini
These quotes are interesting as they basically trace the career path of Corwin Brown from his days as a player to his most recent job. And while all of these guys are friends with Weis and Brown and you would expect them to speak highly about the hire, it's still nice to read, especially the parts about relating well to the players and being energetic. The quotes also help to give Brown some instant credibility with high school coaches/recruits as he jumps back into the world of recruiting. We'll put up more after the press conference is over and more quotes come out about what he plans to bring to Notre Dame.