Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Pot Boiler | by Jay

The tide of whispered coaching changes has finally washed over the seawall: today there's a cover article on Irish Illustrated claiming that UCLA defensive coordinator Dewayne Walker was contacted by Charlie about a job (premium article) over a month ago, but he declined the offer. Walker goes back a ways with Charlie, having coached the secondary with the Patriots under Belichick when Charlie was there.

I think it's safe to say that Rick Minter's days under the Dome are over, and the rumors are thick that he won't be alone on the bus ride out of town. Irish Eyes is reporting that there's a press conference scheduled for Thursday at ND; perhaps then we'll hear about some firings and hirings. Until then, we've don't have much information beyond conjecture and hearsay (which are kinds of information, but still...)

(Or maybe the presser is for a completely different purpose. Start spreadin' the news...?)

Rumor Board. Stuff we've heard over the last few weeks. Take this all with chunks of basalt until we hear otherwise.

Bill Lewis is retiring...Minter was fired after the Southern Cal game...Oliver is gone...Polian is gone...Randy Shannon was offered the DC job before getting the HC job at Miami...Dewayne Walker was contacted about the DC job...Rich Bisaccia was spotted in ND garb at the Sugar Bowl, and is waiting in the wings to take over special teams for the Irish...former Irish assistant John Palermo was contacted about the DL job before going to Tennessee Tech as a DC...Bo Pelini would be interested in the DC job, if offered...former Dolphins head coach and Packers DC Jim Bates was contacted...Ken Norton was contacted (although this rumor looks particularly specious)...