Saturday, December 02, 2006

Statistically Speaking - Southern Cal | by Pat

Impact Player. Disrupting offenses all season long, Derek Landri finished the regular season 23rd in the nation in tackles for loss with 15.5. Breaking that TFL ranking down by position, Adrian Haywood of Southern Methodist is the only defensive tackle in the nation who had more tackles for loss (16.5) than Landri. Landri's 7 sacks was also good for 53rd in the nation, which is exceptional for a defensive tackle when lumped in with defensive ends -- like Victor Abiamiri who is 13th in the nation in sacks -- and linebackers. Landri also saw his tackle numbers jump from 43 last year to 65 last year. In addition, Landri blocked 4 kicks on the year.

Catching On. Rhema McKnight's touchdown catch gave him 15 for the season and tied the single season TD reception mark that Samardzija set last year. This year Samardzija has 11 receiving touchdowns. McKnight is also 115 receiving yards away from 1,000 yards for the season. Samardzija is 42 yards away. If they can reach that milestone in the bowl game, that will give the Irish two 1,000 yard receivers and a 1,000 yard rusher for the second time in two years and the program's history.

Season Long Running Averages.

Here's the final regular season tally. One thing to keep in mind while comparing the 2006 numbers to their 2005 counterparts is the fewer plays per game this year resulting from the new (and terrible) clock rules. Charlie said in his latest press conference that ND ran 12% fewer plays this year when compared to 2005. So it shouldn't be surprising that many of the totals are lower for game stats like overall rushing yards or passing yards allowed. Per-instance numbers like average yards per carry or pass attempt aren't really affected by the fewer number of plays, and should still tell the story of improvement or regression.