Thursday, December 28, 2006

Extra! | by Jay

Extra! Read all about it! New York tabloids want the Giants to get Charlie Weis!

You probably saw links to these two articles earlier this week. Keep in mind these are opinion columns and not reportage. Meyers and Serby are expressing a wish, not divulging any ongoing negotiations. Still, the Giants are Charlie's dream job. If they come calling, you have to consider the possibility that he'd take the offer.

But what the tabloids don't realize that he has another dream job, one that he already holds. One at his alma mater. One that affords him much more quality family time than the rat race of the NFL. Oh, and one that involves a massive buyout if the contract is broken. As recently as a week ago Charlie was reiterating why he likes it at ND:

Q. One other thing. How much have you really embraced the college coaching? Is it easier than you thought it would be, or do you have any desire to go back?

Charlie Weis: I don't have any desire to go back to the NFL. I've embraced it probably even more because it's my alma mater. I love it here; my wife loves it here; my kids love it here.
Maybe someday Charlie would accept a job with the Giants. But right now, it doesn't seem likely.