Thursday, December 28, 2006

Holiday Hangover | by Jay

The final regular season AP Poll is here, and here's the penultimate P6 Standings. Gazoo's Ghost has a one-point lead on the field with 101 total points, despite having neither Ohio State nor Florida in his top two slots. Well done. (That Wisconsin pick for Group F is buoying quite a few entries).

Bringing up the rear is my good friend HTownND with a grand total of 15 points (Texas-8, Cal-6, UGA-0, Clemson-0, TCU-1, South Carolina-1). HTown still owes me a case of beer from when Jeff Suppan won at least 15 games for the Cardinals in '04, so maybe this is karmic payback.

The winning P6 standings will be based on the final AP poll, after the bowls are wrapped up. Still hunting for an appropriate piece of CFB kitsch for the winner; we understand that Al Miller is thoroughly enjoying his prize from last year.