Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Sign on the Line that is Dotted | by Pat

It used to be that once a year I'd open up my copy of Blue & Gold Illustrated sometime in the spring and learn for the first time about all the new recruits we landed for next year's class. These days, even if you're a casual fan, it's tough to insulate yourself from the recruiting circus and keep that sense of surprise intact. Still, if you've managed to avoid the recruiting spoilers up until now (maybe you're living in a fallout shelter?), today's your day.

Our recruits will be faxing in their "Letters of Intent" today, and for the first time Charlie will be able to publicly expound on his newest crop of players. A press conference is scheduled for noon and has full coverage of the event with a free, live broadcast.

Here's the link for those that want to check out the first official look at the Class of 2010.

While you'e waiting, check out the latest Irish Power Hour podcast from IrishEyes. Twelve of the recruits faxing in their LOI today called in to answer some questions about their recruitment and why they ultimately chose Notre Dame. (Highlights include the voluble Demetrius Jones, who might already be my favorite in the class.)