Monday, January 30, 2006

Woke up this myself an award | by Jay

Over the weekend, Charlie won the New Jersey Sportswriter's Man of the Year award:

When Weis arrived he was greeted by flashing lights of cameras, several television reporters, and a group of print journalists who asked a wide range of subjects before he left to the banquet hall where he sat between former Governor Richard J. Codey and current Governor Jon Corzine.

Not bad for a kid from Middlesex. Weis, who coached at the high school level at Boonton, Morristown and Franklin high schools and at South Carolina University before beginning his rise through professional football with a job with Bill Parcells and the Giants in the early 1990s, made sure that everybody in attendance knew he hadn't forgotten where he started and that he was proud to be a "Jersey guy."

"I'll always be a Jersey guy," Weis told the crowd. "I'm always very quick to defend New Jersey. If you're not from Jersey you just don't understand. We have a deep devotion for our friends and family."