Friday, February 03, 2006

Follow the bouncing ball... | by Jay

Over the past year or so that BGS has been in business, we've peppered in a few hoops posts, talked a little about the Sears Cup and even had a rare mention of fencing, but for the most part, we've had a laserlike focus on the Irish gridiron. And who could blame us? Given the sea changes in the football program over the past year, there's been so much to talk about that we've gorged ourselves on a steady diet of pigskin.

Today we're spinning off a sister-blog that's going to keep tabs exclusively on the Irish basketball program. Despite the mediocre (to use a kind word) season thus far, it's a fascinating time for ND hoops: the Mike Brey era balances on the edge of a knife. Will one more close loss send him over the edge? Or can this team pull itself together, start winning those close games and somehow qualify for the tournment...any tournament?

So if you're an Irish hoops junky, follow us on over to the Fieldhouse for some unfiltered hardwood chatter. You'll find most of the same BGS crew over there, but we've also added a couple of new contributors who live and breathe ND basketball. Give 'em a hearty welcome, and come join us as we track the Irish hoops program, following the Good Ship Brey as it sails into uncharted waters...