Sunday, January 08, 2006

Pick Six, Season's End | by Jay

The final AP poll came out on Friday (ND ranked 9th), and with it, the BGS Pick Six contest draws to a close. Who'd a thunk that:

• Iowa, Michigan, and Tennessee would be out of the top 25?

• Louisville, even with their mediocre year, would still be ranked higher than Oklahoma?

• The best five unranked teams at preseason (Penn State, West Virginia, Notre Dame, Oregon, Wisconsin) would end up with a better collective ranking than the actual preseason top 5 (USC, Texas, Tennessee, Oklahoma, Michigan)?

• The top two teams would remain the top two throughout the entire season, only switching places after the final game?

In the Pick Six, we ended up with three winners, all tied with 96 points: DouglasHyde, Millertime, and stanbriscoe. Alabama (8) seems to be the gold star selection among the winners, and many of the entrants that finished well latched onto the Tide out of a very weak field in Group D that included Boston College (18), Texas Tech (20), Pitt (NR), and Virginia (NR). Congrats to all three of our peerless prognosticators, and thanks to everyone who played the Pick Six.

As promised, we have a very nice vintage 1976 Coca-Cola Drink Tray featuring Joe Paterno (gently used, only minor scratches) for the winner. Each of you winners email us your contact info, and we'll send you either the tray or something other appropriately kitschy college football souvenir.