Monday, August 08, 2005

Pick Six | by Jay

Now that the USA Today/Coaches poll is out, we're going to run a little prediction contest we'll call the Pick Six. This is your opportunity to showcase your pigskin prognostication skills, your chance to get on the record and be able to tell everyone, "I told you Florida International was going to win it all this year!"

Here's how it works.

1. We divide the top 25 into 5 groups of 5 based on the Coaches Poll: 1-5, 6-10, 11-15, etc. For this year's poll, the groups are thus:

  • A - USC, Texas, Tennessee, Michigan, Oklahoma
  • B - LSU, Virginia Tech, Miami (Fla), Ohio State, Iowa
  • C - Florida, Florida State, Georgia, Louisville, Auburn
  • D - Purdue, Texas A&M, Arizona State, Boise State, Cal
  • E - Texas Tech, Boston College, Virginia, Alabama, Pittsburgh
2. You pick one team from each group, plus one unranked team. You're trying to pick the teams you think will finish highest in the final BCS poll.

3. Each week we'll update the standings. You get 25 points for having the #1 team, 24 points for the #2 team, on down to 1 point for the #25 team. Unranked teams get zero points.

4. We'll use the USA Today/Coaches poll until October 17th, when the official BCS rankings come out, and we'll use the BCS from that point on.

5. The winner is the person at the end of the year with the most highly-ranked teams.

6. And the grand prize? How about a 1977 Joe Paterno Coca-Cola Commemorative drink tray. Only some very minor scratches.

That's it for the Pick Six: short, sweet and simple. Good luck.
  • Current standings coming as soon as voting closes.