Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Backing In | by Dylan

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Yeeahaw, Mabel! We ain't got to beat no one!
A few months ago, we gave Purdue a bit of a hard time for leading the brigade of college football whores looking to fatten up on Division 1-AA cupcakes starting in 2006.

Purdue shill Michael Pointer has a piece in today's Indianapolis Star that provides a further glimpse into the irrational giddiness in Boiler Nation, borne of the realization the the best way to win lots of games is to play teams that suck. The key graf:
And don't forget the schedule. The Boilermakers are the envy of the Big Ten because they don't play Michigan or Ohio State. Purdue is 1-7 against those teams over the past four seasons. Excitement is clearly up...
Notice the way they gloss over the loss of Orton, despite the fact that the wheels came off their dream season last year after Orton's injury. They've also lost their best wide receiver, but no biggie.

My first prediction of the '05 season: ND will beat Purdue by two touchdowns, and ruin their breezy run through the lower half of the Big 1?.