Tuesday, August 02, 2005

The duality of man -- the Jungian thing, sir. | by Jay

There's a short Q&A with Gerome Sapp in the Indy Star today.

Player Profile: Gerome Sapp

: 24
: Defensive back
: 6-1/216
College: Notre Dame, bachelor's degree in finance
Pro tenure: Two seasons, with Colts, Ravens
: Wife, Tracy
: Bentley, a Yorkshire Terrier, 11 months

Where do you call home?

Does a Notre Dame degree mean as much as they say? I was in Mexico and met an alum and he offered me a job as a trader on the Chicago Board of Exchange. Maybe that's an option after I'm done. That happens all the time.

What was Notre Dame like?
In college, you weren't just a number. You were a student, a face to the professors and your classmates. We lived with our classmates and ate with them. There were only three football players in my dorm. I roomed with a hockey player and an architecture major.

You dispel the dumb jock stereotype
: I think so, but it would be naïve for me to think that people don't look at me just like they look at every other football player until they get to know me. When they get to know me, I know I do stand out. If you want to talk finance with me, we'll talk finance.

Got a favorite finance term? Leveraged buyout. You basically fireball the shares of a company and you buy them back at a higher price. That's how you forcefully take control of a company.

Not just football, huh?
My world is so much more than football. It's so much more complex than what I do out here. Even though I love doing it, it's like a duality of my life. Football started off as a hobby to me and I was blessed enough to be good enough to be here. But when you get down to it, it's still just a glorified hobby.

Football goal
: Pro Bowl some time after we play in the Super Bowl.