Monday, September 12, 2005

Hurricane Relief | by Jay

We'd like to pass along a special charitable opportunity that will help the Red Cross with hurricane relief efforts. ND grad Melissa Richter has created a football t-shirt that sells for $15, with all the profits going to the Red Cross. Here's Melissa with the scoop:

A month ago I decided to create an ND Football Charity shirt to benefit Toys 4 Tots. The sales have been great so far (basically by word of mouth), but we only planned for one wave of sales which is now over.

However, in light of the horrible tragedy that occurred on the Gulf Coast, I have received the okay from Toys 4 Tots to run a second wave of t-shirt sales to directly benefit the American Red Cross. I’m very passionate about this as the people are in dire need of our help and services. Obviously the best thing to do is to send food, water and supplies that are immediately needed (which many of us are doing through our local church groups). However, the monetary value of donating to the Red Cross will help the rebuilding efforts for all the people affected by Hurricane Katrina.

Here are the specifics:

1. The shirt is $15 and ALL proceeds will be directly donated to the Red Cross.
2. The shirt will be available in all sizes (S – XL) and youth (S – L)
3. We will keep the order open until Sept. 23 and all shirts will be shipped on Sept. 26.
4. Anyone interested in ordering the shirt, can contact
So when you're giving to the relief effort, consider throwing $15 Melissa's way. As you're helping the cause, you'll score a neat t-shirt as a bonus. A lot of folks have been acutely affected by Katrina (including some in the BGS family), so be generous, and know that you're helping people who really need it.