Saturday, March 21, 2009

Sprung | by Jay

Let's serve it up.

• has Charlie's springtime presser up and running. Check out the video here (there's a podcast of the event available as well.)

• Transcript of his presser is here.

• A cavalcade of media notes:
Fort Wayne J-G: Returning to learn, Weis will be on sideline, 3/20 practice observations, Depth chart in full, Weis' four objectives
Spring practice, Depth chart: offense, Hope springs eternal
Weis will be on sidelines, Keeping feet on the ground
Chicago Trib:
Weis going back to field, Spring practice updates
Elkhart Truth:
Busy spring underway, Friday's 20 minutes
Time for players to step up
Practice Report
• Spring depth chart (with the fifth-year guys included). Parentheses indicated "limited" participation in some form or another (mainly injury-medical, or in Golden Tate's case, baseball).
X: Kamara, Walker, (Tate), (West)
LT: Duncan, Romine
LG: Olsen, Nuss, *Hernandez
C: Wenger, Cave
RG: Stewart, Golic, (Robinson)
RT: Young, Clelland, (Dever)
TE: Rudolph, Ragone, Fauria
Z: Floyd, Parris, Goodman, (Gallup)
QB: Clausen, Crist, Montana
FB: Paskorz, *Burger, *Narvaez
HB: Allen, Hughes or Aldridge, Gray

PK: Walker, Burkhart
P: Maust, Burkhart
HLD: Maust, Goodman

DE: Lewis-Moore, Richardson, (Wade)
DT: Johnson, H. Williams, (Cwynar)
NT: I. Williams, Newman, Stockton
DE: Ryan, Nwankwo, (Neal)
SAM: Motta, S. Smith, (Fleming)
MIKE: B. Smith, T. Smith
WILL: Filer, Posluszny, (McDonald)
CB: Blanton, Walls, (Banks)
FS: H. Smith, D. McCarthy, Gordon
SS: K. McCarthy, Brown
CB: McNeil, Slaughter

PR: Allen, Floyd, (Tate)
KR: Allen, Aldridge, Hughes, Walls, (Tate)
KO: Burkhart, Walker

Some quick thoughts on the depth chart, care of Pat:
  • Golic is already listed at RG instead of C.
  • Bobby Burger at FB. He's a transfer from Dayton where he played defensive end. He's already the biggest FB on the roster at 6'3" 242. His dad played for ND back in the day. Maybe he will actually see some time.
  • Lane Clelland is now listed as a RT. There's not much depth at LT.
  • KLM already listed over Mo Richardson at DE. That didn't take long.
  • Anthony McDonald is listed as a WILL linebacker when it really seemed like he was a future MLB in the making. Hopefully he's not one of those guys who battles injuries his entire career.
  • Sergio Brown is listed as the backup SS behind McCarthy rather than backup FS behind Harrison Smith.
  • For now, Darrin Walls is listed behind Blanton. I'm really interested to see which two of the Walls/Blanton/McNeil trio wind up starting. What a nice problem to have.
  • Finally, from Charlie's big and celebrated first real recruiting class, only 4 or 5 of them will likely be starters as seniors. The sophomore class could have 5 or 6.
(More to come, including some interesting developments from Charlie's presser and the two-part interview he gave to Tim Prister over on Irish Illustrated...)