Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Security and Hospitality Changes Coming to ND? | by Kevin

Notre Dame's newly formed "Committee on Campus Safety, Security and Hospitality" today submitted a 12-page report regarding the state of, well, safety, security, and hospitality (or the lack thereof) at Notre Dame. As catalogued on both ND Nation and The Real Notre Dame, tension between football fans on one side, and the University and police one the other side, came to a head during the 2008 season. At the same time, the Indiana Excise Police stormed an off-campus house as if someone had poked a hole in their litre of cola.

The report itself was not made public, and it may never be. However, Father Jenkins pledged "a public response prepared by the middle of April." The University press release explained Fr. Jenkins would "take the recommendations under advisement and, in consultation with other University leaders, determine which initiatives should be accepted, and whether those that are accepted can be implemented immediately or should be phased in over time."

“The University is appreciative of the time and effort the members of this committee have put into their work,” Father Jenkins said. “They are all incredibly busy and talented people, and we are fortunate to be the beneficiaries of their expertise and advice."

As with all other matters Notre Dame and 2009, I'll hope for the best.