Wednesday, June 11, 2008

That's my school | by Pat

We noted earlier that SMU AD Steve Orsini's press release about the open Notre Dame job did not deny interest in the job. He went a step further recently and admitted that he certainly does have some level of interest in the job.

Q: If they did call, you wouldn't dismiss it, you would listen?

Orsini: I think I would owe it to myself and to my family. After 27 years in this business, knock on wood, so far, so good. If Notre Dame called, I would like to hear what they have to say because it's my school. Just like I ask the SMU supporters to stay connected with your school, I have stayed connected with my school and if I can help my school that's something that I may be interested in.
There is no rush to replace Kevin White as this is one of the slower times of the year for college athletics. Hopefully ND is doing their due diligence on all possible candidates. Still, it's always nice to read that one of the presumptive better candidates is willing to publicly admit his interest in the job.

Earlier in the Q&A, Orsini stuck with the 'that's my school' mantra.
That's my school, Notre Dame. Whoever gets the job I hope it's the best qualified person. Like all universities, we always could improve. I hope Notre Dame takes what Kevin White has done, and he did a lot of great things, and takes it to another level.
There's no telling what the powers-that-be will decide, but in the court of popular opinion, Orsini is quickly a popular fan choice.