Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Maybe something....maybe nothing | by Pat

In a recent interview with the Honolulu Advertiser, new SMU football coach (and new member of the Rudy Nutrition Team!) June Jones threw in an off-hand remark about the future of his new athletic director, Steve Orsini.

On the possibility of a game between UH and SMU:

"I was trying to do it this year. But Jim (Donovan, UH's athletic director) said they were filled. I'd like to have a three- or four-year deal. I know our ADs are talking. Now our AD is kind of the front-runner for that Notre Dame job, so it might go on the backburner. But I was the one who told them to (try and schedule the game). It's out of my hands now. But I told them and I promoted it and they're for it."
It's very possible that he just meant "one of the interview candidates" rather than "I expect him to take the job". Still, that's usually not the kind of thing you throw out there unless there is something to it. We'll see.