Thursday, May 24, 2007

DJ Arrested | by Jay

WSBT reports:

Notre Dame Quarterback Arrested

Demetrius Jones was picked up in LaPorte County May 17th on a marijuana possession charge. He bonded out of jail that night.

The LaPorte County prosecutor's office says he has been charged with a misdemeanor possession charge. A university spokesman says Jones remain enrolled, and to his knowledge, is currently in good standing.
So Jones remains enrolled and in good standing for the time being. We'll have more when the full report comes out. But if the allegations are true, I think we can probably put away the idea that he will remain "in good standing" for long; following the Kyle MacAlarney precedent, DJ may be looking at a semester's suspension from the University.

Update, 12:26 PM: Charges were apparently dropped, per the SBT:
Marijuana charge dismissed against ND quarterback

A misdemeanor marijuana possession charge against University of Notre Dame quarterback Demetrius Jones was dismissed Wednesday after testimony from another person indicated that the marijuana did not belong to Jones.

According to court documents in LaPorte Superior Court III, the registered owner of the vehicle Jones was driving on May 17, when Jones was arrested during a traffic stop on the Indiana Toll Road by Indiana State Police, testified that he allowed Jones to borrow his vehicle to drive from Chicago to South Bend.

To the best of the car owner’s knowledge, court documents said, Jones did not know there was marijuana in the ashtray.
I'm not sure why this wasn't included in the WSBT report, as it seems to be part of the official record.