Wednesday, May 30, 2007

And then there were...three? | by Pat

The following is a release from Notre Dame head coach Charlie Weis (c/o

"After concluding spring ball evaluations, Evan Sharpley, Demetrius Jones and Jimmy Clausen remain as the main contenders. Each of these three young men brought something unique to the QB competition. Evan ran the operation the best, Jimmy threw the ball the best, and Demetrius made the most plays. For these reasons, they will compete for playing time.

"In additional news, the team grade point average for the spring semester was 3.04, exceeding the 3.0 mark for the fourth consecutive semester. Gary Gray had shoulder surgery after exams, which is likely to exclude him from the upcoming season depending on recovery time. Training Camp will be held on our regular practice fields, not the fields by the bookstore. Finally, we will be using officiating crews from the Big East this season rather than Big Ten officials."
Holy cow. I don't think anyone saw this bombshell coming...a 3.04 GPA?

We'll chime in on the impact of this, and other minor and inconsequential things like, oh, the QB race going down to three instead of two (with Frazer left out in the cold), and replacing Big 10 refs with the Big East. Minor stuff, really.