Monday, February 05, 2007

Video star | by Pat

It looks like Brady Quinn has made the first major marketing move of the newest crop of NFL rookies-to-be. In a recent press release, it was announced that Microsoft and X-Box are teaming up with Quinn to provide college football fans and video game players a behind the scenes look at how players prep for the NFL Draft.

The deal will feature video clips and blog updates from Quinn starting this Friday and apparently will even give fans chances to play him via X-Box Live.

"Our gamers love football, and football players love to game," said Mike Fischer, director of U.S. Marketing for Xbox at Microsoft. "Brady Quinn exemplifies what we were looking for in an athlete: He's focused and driven, and generates a lot of excitement when he's on the field. I'm looking forward to giving football fans a behind-the-scenes look at what it takes to make it in the pros."
It's my guess that Quinn will play against online foes in either EA Sports NCAA 2007 or Madden 2007. I'd also guess that he'll get crushed by some 13 year old kid from Tulsa who keeps running the same play over and over.