Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Fax me a letter | by Pat

Today's the day when many months of hard work boil down to a few nerve-wracking hours. A day when fax machines become the most important piece of equipment on campuses throughout the country and employees across the nation keep hitting F5 to know the very instant when their favorite recruits transition from verbal commit to an official member of the team.

Charlie's press conference will be at noon today at and once they update the site with a link we'll update this post.

Personally, I can't remember such a crazy stretch run to National Signing Day. Rumors have been flying hot and heavy the past few days and still are as multiple Irish recruits are apparently wavering on their ultimate destination. The smoke should clear soon enough, but it's still a wild and woolly end to one of the crazier recruiting years I can remember.

Update: You can check out the Charlie press conference live using this link.