Monday, November 06, 2006

The Week's Biggest Question | by Pat

Thanks to the new deal signed with the Mountain West Conference, the Notre Dame-Air Force game will be broadcast on CSTV, a fledgling CBS owned network. We've been getting a few emails and comments asking how to watch the game, so here's an attempt to collect all various ways you can watch or listen to the game this Saturday at 4:00 pm (ET).

Cable. CSTV is a relatively new cable channel and although most of the major providers do have it, it is not offered by every cable provider. And if your provider does carry it, odds are it is bundled as a specialty package that costs a few extra bucks a month. Luckily for Irish fans, CSTV did decide that the weekend of the ND-AF game is a "Free Preview" weekend, but it is still up to your local provider, assuming they carry CSTV in the first place, to offer the channel for free.

If you aren't sure if your cable provider offers CSTV, use this handy link. Enter your zip code and use "none" for your email address (unless you like spam) and a pop-up window will tell you if your local carrier offers the channel. If you do get the channel, then I'd suggest calling them and asking if they will be participating in the free preview weekend. If people post the answer they get in the comment section, that could help others in the same area.

Satellite. Both major satellite providers carry CSTV, but it is a bundled as a premium package on both. On DirecTV, CSTV is channel 610 but is only available to those who have subscribed to the Sports Pack package. For those with the DISH Network, CSTV is channel 152 and available to those who have the "America's Top 120" package.

It appears that the Free Preview weekend is open to DirecTV and the DISH Network as well, but I'm not sure if they will indeed carry the channel for free to those who don't have the upgraded packages. Again, if you have a definite answer, please post in the comment section.

Internet. If you can't get either cable or satellite option, you can still watch the game streaming live over the internet. CSTV is offering a streaming pay per view option that costs $14.95 if you advance order and $19.95 the day of the game. For the record, we were told that Notre Dame tried to get the cost down but were denied. I wonder if CSTV's lack of flexibility will affect future Irish scheduling concerns with Mountain West teams (namely, Air Force).

An alternate option to paying for streaming video is the always free Westwood One broadcast with Don Criqui. If you aren't sure which local affiliate carries the broadcast, use this handy station finder. Also, the game radio broadcast can be heard live on the internet at

Sports Bars, Storefronts, Etc. If you decide to venture out of your house, I suspect you're on your own as far as finding a bar that will air the game. Many bars will have the sports packages needed to show CSTV, but better to be safe than sorry: call ahead. You can also check out the NDNation Game Watch board to see where Irish fans in your area are gathering to watch the game.

Jay's house. Jay just added the Sports Package to his DirecTV programming, so he will be presenting the game. Feel free to drop by unannounced, and help yourself to anything in the fridge. Get drunk, crash on the floor, and stay the weekend if you'd like. I'm sure he won't mind.