Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Brothers | by Pat

A unique article two days ago on Irish Eyes. Mike Frank interviewed some of the brothers of current team members on what it is like to be both a fan of the Fighting Irish as well as a family member of one of the players. The discussion about their interaction in the sometimes harsh realm of the online message boards is pretty interesting.

“I started reading the message boards Jeff’s senior year in high school, all the way up to Michigan State week of this year,” Sam Samardzija said. “I’ve tried to stay off since then. This year’s been a little crazy with the message board posters. My old man still checks those things out once in a great while. Mainly after games I think. Outside the family, I think the uncles and some cousins are on there though.”
The article is an insightful look into an aspect of the Notre Dame family that often gets overlooked, as well as a reminder for those who log on to their favorite ND website and don't always consider just who is reading their words. Check it out.