Friday, June 23, 2006

the Toll for Tech | by Jay

Pretty interesting article in the Atlanta J-C yesterday on how the money breaks down for the Georgia Tech game.

But fans are getting off a lot cheaper than Tech is. The contract for the Tech-Notre Dame game, signed in 1997 for one game in Atlanta and two in South Bend, Ind., includes a rare clause calling for extra revenue generated by a ticket increase to be split 50-50 by both schools. Typically, the home team gets to keep it all.

The average Tech football ticket goes for $38. The average Tech-Notre Dame ticket is $50.

Radakovich said "it might be another $250,000" paid by Tech to Notre Dame in addition to a $200,000 flat fee called for in the contract.

Why the ticket increase? Same reason the Fighting Irish got away with that clause. Interest in Notre Dame is always high, whether the Irish are playing at home or on the road. This year, it could be higher than usual, with Heisman Trophy candidate Brady Quinn back at quarterback for a team that was picked No. 1 in the preseason by Sporting News.

"I think Notre Dame understood their value," Radakovich said. "They understood that as they come into an area, because of who they were, there's a great likelihood that ticket sales would spike.

"They decided somewhere along the line that they would put this clause into the contract so that they can share some of that benefit."

Tech also has benefited nicely from the contract. When Notre Dame was in a rush to schedule a historic opening opponent in a renovated stadium in 1997, Tech filled in, drawing an unusually large paycheck of $800,000. The norm now might be $200,000 to $300,000.

"That $800,000, that was pretty darned good, especially back then," said Radakovich, whose program will receive $200,000 from Notre Dame after a visit to South Bend next season.