Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Body Blow. Uppercut. | by Jay

From TSN:

Saturday night...ND strong safety Tom Zbikowski will fight at Madison Square Garden against heavyweight Robert Bell -- an Ohioan and a Buckeyes fan. Bell plans to wear an Ohio State jersey into the ring. "I consider that a personal affront to myself and my teammates," Zbikowski says, "and I'm going to look to punish him as much as possible before knocking him out."
That's the worst jersey idea since Ty broke out the greens against BC. Zibby's gonna kill him.

Other guys from Irish lore I wouldn't want to mess with:

Hornung (you just know he can handle himself in a bar fight)
Rocky Boiman (think Braveheart-style war whoops before disembowlment)
Lee Becton (shifty)
Mike Stonebreaker (would beat you up and then run you over with his car)
George Goeddeke (insane)
Dave Duerson (wouldn't exactly stick to the Queensbury Rules)
Moose Krause (broke his jaw on the second play of a college-NFL All-Star game; didn't miss a down)
Jeff Faine (always wanted to make his opponents "think this is the wrong sport for them")

Some guys I think I could take:

Reggie Ho (would need to disable kicking leg; after that it's over)
Tim Ruddy (nerd)
Aaron Taylor (yellow belly)

I was talking to a former teammate of Zibby's not too long ago who once, after a long night out, challenged Zibby to "give him his best shot". This is when Zibby was a freshman. They both go outside, and Zibby punches him in the stomach, one shot. His senior teammate, doubling over in pain: "Done."

(As if football and boxing weren't enough, did you know TZ was also a fireman? No joke.)