Thursday, May 04, 2006

Scheduling Ins and Outs | by Jay

Fun facts about the University of Nevada:

• Location: Reno, Nevada
• Founded 1874 (Land Grant)
• Enrollment: 16,500
• Nickname: Wolfpack
• Colors: Navy Blue and Silver
• Conference: Western Athletic
• Head Football Coach: Chris Ault
• Ault's record: 168-70-1 (20 years)
• Basic Offense: Multiple, one-back
• Basic Defense: 3-4
Opponent for September 5th, 2009: the University of Notre Dame.
• Record versus the Irish: 0-0-0 (never played).
Allow me to ask an obvious question: why the hell are we playing the University of Nevada in football? Oh yeah, I forgot. It's a courtesy for getting the WAC to shuffle their schedules around so we could line up a cupcake before taking on Michigan in 2004. Said cupcake (BYU) proceeded to de-pants us, in a game that took the last bloom off the Willingham rose and set the stage for his ouster later that fall.

It's so nice to get these little reminders of Ty from time to time. (Go ahead and note the next reminder for next spring, when we'll go into camp with zero senior offensive linemen). It's like a cold sore that keeps popping up.

• Another scheduling note that showed up on the radar: Miami's interested in another round of Catholics versus Convicts.

Rumor has it Miami recently contacted ND looking to renew the rivalry, but got a "we'll get back to you" response from us. Translation: don't hold your breath.

I think things have cooled sufficiently since the white-hot intensity of the late-80s, and it'd be great to take on the 'Canes once again. Let's hope that giving them the cold shoulder isn't a signal of further watering-down of the schedule, but rather that we've got other high-caliber opponents in mind for future games.