Thursday, May 25, 2006

Hell Hath No Fury like Wilford Brimley Scorned | by Jay

One other bit of rumor-mongering, this time from an unnamed source quoted in the Sporting News' college football preview.

Scouting the Fighting Irish - views from a pro scout or an opposing coach

"Charlie Weis is arrogant as hell. I couldn't even talk to him before the game last year. I tried to. It was a one-sided conversation. After asking him six different questions and getting little to no answer, I went to the other side of the field...

"They don't have a great team. They have a great quarterback. They'll be good again, but I'll be interested to see how Weis functions when he doesn't have Brady Quinn. I think if he had turned pro, he would have been the first quarterback picked...I think if Tyrone Willingham was their coach last year, they would have won eight games. They won nine games. But the nine games they won, only three of the schools they beat (Mich, BYU, Navy) finished with winning records. So, how good of a team was it? But it's Notre Dame, and everyone loves the new kid on the block. And everyone is in love with Weis...I think they'll be a little better on defense, and I think they'll be lights out on offense, again, although they have lost some guys on the line...

"They'll miss WR Maurice Stovall. He was a big, physical kid...RB Darius Walker is a solid guy, but he's not the back that the Michigan kid (Mike Hart) is... I don't see much changing on defense. They'll be a year older and a year better. They return most of those kids, so the experience will help them a lot...Losing LB Corey Mays will hurt them. I think their linebackers, you have to watch what's going on there. Maybe they have some good guys on campus... I can't verify whether Weis put in new wrinkles each week, like the NFL. He had an experienced quarterback. Who's to say if Weis had a different quarterback if he could have added anything new each week?"
Any guesses? When this was directed to our attention last week, the consensus seemed to be Tiller.