Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Please take out a #2 pencil... | by Pat

One of the ways we here at BGS like to unwind after a busy day is to gather in the Grantland Rice Lounge (pictured above), engage in typically witty and urbane banter, and test our knowledge of Notre Dame history and lore. We feel we owe it to our readers to keep them nimble and alert-minded as well, so here comes the first of our semi-annual, fairly difficult and hopefully entertaining trivia challenges. Dylan (above right) has promised to deliver swirlies to anyone caught using google, so stay honest. No one likes a cheat.

Now then, on with the quiz...

1. Who was Notre Dame's coach during the program's longest winning streak, how many games was it, and which opponent ended it?

2. What was the last away game for which Notre Dame travelled by train to get there?

a. Army (at Yankee Stadium) (1941)
b. Navy (at Baltimore) (1954)
c. Michigan State (1966)
d. Pittsburgh (1972)

3. Who was Warner Brother's original choice to play Knute Rockne, in Knute Rockne: All-American, only to have the choice nixed by Notre Dame administrators?

a. Humphrey Bogart
b. James Cagney
c. Ronald Reagan
d. Clark Gable

4. One of Rocket's kick returns came against a team that hadn't allowed a kickoff or punt return for a touchdown in 37 years. Who was it?

5. Rick Mirer, Kevin McDougal, and Ron Powlus each had the same thing happen during their last game in Notre Dame stadium. What was it?

a. They lost.
b. They were knocked out of the game.
c. Their last attempted pass was a touchdown.
d. Their last attempted pass was an interception.

6. Everyone knows that ND has seven Heisman Trophy winners. But over the years, there were eight players that finished either 2nd or 3rd in the Heisman voting. Name as many as you can. (Hint: a couple of them eventually did win it).

7. Who was Notre Dame's opponent in the Dedication game for the new Notre Dame Stadium in 1930? Hint: They are on the 2005 schedule.

8. Lou Holtz finished behind Rockne with the second-most career victories (100 to 105). What coach is third on the list?

9. And on the flipside of that...what Notre Dame coach has the most career losses?

10. (If you've been an avid reader of BGS, you probably know this one.) What are the three designs to ever appear on a Notre Dame helmet? (The little American flag on the back doesn't count.)

11. Notre Dame had a self-imposed bowl ban for 45 years. What bowl games bookend this bowl game absence, and who were the opponents?

12. Georgia Tech plays a decent role in Notre Dame's football history. Which is not true?

a. They were the program's 500th victory.
b. They are the only program that Rudy played against.
c. They were the last team to beat Coach Leahy before he retired.
d. They were the first team to play in the post-expansion ND Stadium.

13. In 1963, a Notre Dame game was cancelled on account of the death of President Kennedy. Who was the opponent?

14. Four ND players have been selected #1 overall in the NFL draft. Who were they?

15. ND has had many consensus first-team All-Americans through the years. What position on the field has produced the most Irish All-Americans?

a. Quarterback
b. Guard
c. Defensive back
d. Linebacker

16. Since the inception of the new college overtime rules in 1996, ND has been involved in five matches that went to OT. What were they, and what were the outcomes?

17. True or False: Leon Hart is the only lineman (of any school) to ever win a Heisman.

18. What NCAA record does Tony Driver hold?

19. From Knute Rockne on, ND has had 15 coaches. How many of them attended Notre Dame as students?

20. The namesake of this blog is taken from Grantland Rice's famous article on the Notre Dame win over Army in 1924. What newspaper was Rice writing for?

We'll be back in a couple of days with the answers. In the meantime, feel free to take your best guesses.