Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Tour Stop | by Jay

Weis kicked off a barnstorming tour of the campus dorms last night with a visit to Stanford and BP. In addition to BGS reader Alli's comments below, there are a couple of spy reports from the meetings, one from NDN and the other from UHND. Charlie dropped a few interesting tidbits.

For one thing, he reiterated that he'll be calling the offensive plays this year, and he won't relinquish playcalling until he feels comfortable that it's in good hands. (Why do I get the feeling that this might be something he never lets go of completely?)

Also of interest: Charlie apparently talked with Tim Brown the other day at length and encouraged him to play another year in the NFL, because he could make a lot more money playing football, and also he didnt want to have him on the staff, working, with the possibility of an NFL team calling for him and then having to deal with that dilemma. He said that he has a job waiting for Brown, but that it will probably be put off for a little while.

Oh, and his favorite play to call? "Touchdowns".