Sunday, February 27, 2005

LA Times weighs in on CT | by Dylan

Another bit of good reading from the Los Angeles Times, ostensibly comparing CT to UCLA rookie Jordan Farmar. In actuality, it's another quasi-lament on the closing of the Thomas era. There is not much new here, but I was struck by Thomas' dour assessment of his NBA potential, which I think can be read between the lines:

Thomas said he was still battling the knee injury.

"I'm 100% mentally but not physically," he said. "With that surgery, I don't think I can ever expect to be 100% again."
I don't know if this sympathetic portrayal of Thomas is a meme we can expect to gain traction over the last few weeks of the 2004-2005 season or if it's just a one-time rehash of the Indianapolis Star story for the hometown paper. A third story would confirm the trend, but I don't expect to see Thomas treated so gently in the papers of Big East cities. We'll see.