Saturday, March 28, 2009

Spring Cleaning | by Pat

Time to throw open the windows and get out the cleaning supplies...

As ND gets into the heart of spring ball and most of the other opponents are busy working as well, we're going to resurrect the BGS Newswire to capture all the ND and ND-related stories floating around out there. The goal will be to offer up 3-5 new stories a day during the work week. Update your favorite RSS Reader accordingly or just check the links on the right sidebar.

And while we're shuffling around the right sidebar, we did some long overdue spring cleaning on the various media and blog links. The eagle-eyed will notice a new section called "Twitter". No, Charlie isn't joining the growing number of coaches using Twitter as a recruiting tool. (don't hold your breath) But you will notice a link for the South Bend Tribune's ND beat writer Eric Hansen. It seems Hansen and the SBT have bypassed the trend of beat writer blog and are going straight to the latest and greatest social networking trend (and the one that doesn't have any added infrastructure costs, natch) Hansen already tweeted that he will be live-twittering tomorrow's open football practice. It will be interesting to see how it goes.

Finally, don't think you are getting out of spring cleaning. We're calling on all readers to help update the BGS Video Vault with all the various ND clips floating around youtube, google video, and the like. Let's be comprehensive here and grab the new, the old, the odd, the hulu, and anything else you can find.