Friday, December 26, 2008

Hawaii Bowl Photo Galleries | by Pat

Here are a collection of photos from the fun bowl win on Wednesday. If you notice other photo galleries, add a link in the comment section.

Right now, there are game day photos found at and the Honolulu Advertiser (plus pre-game and fan photos).

The picture of the game has to be Golden Tate hauling in yet another deep pass en route to his 177 yard, 3 TD day. NDnation poster The Irish Cardinal has a report from the game that ties into the runner-up photo.

After the game, some fan in a "Rudy" costume ran his way out on the field; he was quickly pulled off by police. His "helmet", a gold-painted cardboard box, was used by some of the players in their pics.
Here's a picture of that homemade helmet, courtesy of Asaph Schwapp.

And if you're looking to extend the luau with some game highlights, ESPN has you covered.